Hot sexy real female pee desperation and pants wetting story

"Just a couple blocks to go!" I thought as we neared the club. I was wearing my high rise, red skintight American Apparel Disco pants, made of a thick lycra material that clung to every curve & high black PVC heels. I was super excited to go clubbing but there was just one thing... I really really had to pee! Later I would find out that my "friend" laced my water with diuretics earlier at my house. Anyways, my bladder was already full and the tightness of my pants and sitting down, which makes the waistband dig in, was pushing too much pressure on my bladder. I had to lean back in my chair so the waistband wasn't digging in and that helped a bit. Finally the Uber stopped outside the club & let us out. I sighed so hard when I saw that there was a line up to get in, but not a normal line, it was freaking massive, at least 50 people down the block! I frantically looked around to see if there was a 7-11 or gas station where I can use the toilet but nope... nothing I could see! We all got in line and I discreetly pulled up my waistband tightly, so there was the pressure of the pants seam to push against my crotch! Yes, I had to go that badly that I'm willing to give myself a cameltoe. My bladder was so full that you can definately see the bulge through the spandex. My friends didn't notice my worried looks or my cameltoe as they were too busy gossiping. "why are you so quiet?" they asked. "Um, I kind of have to pee... like kinda bad" I sheepishly admitted. I started shifting my weight from one foot to the other, like a subtle pee pee dance, and pressing my thighs tightly together. The pressure was getting worse and I could feel my pee right near the edge, I was clenching and unclenching, making an effort to not relax and leak into my panties. I hope no one else was noticing my butt and thighs clenching! At least it was night time & everyone was too preoccupied with themselves. The tight pants were too much and I could feet some pee leak out without warning, into my white cotton panties! Oh shit, I bent over and clenched my thighs... "are you ok?" "yes, I leaked into my panties" I stammered. I managed to stop it, but for how long? started thinking:

- should i tell the doorman that I'm going to piss my pants and hopefully he'll let me in?
- What if he doesn't and that's super embaressing
- should I pee a little in my pants and hopefully I can make it inside to pee?
- should I walk around the block and find some bushes?

While I was thinking of these ideas, another spurt of hot piss escaped, jetting into my panties, but it felt a LOT bigger this time! Uh uh... MY eyes widened and I was scared to look down. I put my purse in front of my crotch and quickly felt my crotch... it was WET! Shit, it soaked through. Crap, I'm just going to let some out and relieve some pressure. So I relaxed for a second and let another HUGE spurt of piss out! it spurted through my tight pants and I felt the hot liquid hit my feet & ankle. I kept my purse in front of me & no one noticed "ok... maybe I'll make it" but the line hasn't moved much & there was still like 20 ppl ahead. The next 10 minutes, I didnt' dare look down to attract attention and just kept talking like my crotch wasn't wet and that I was STILL on the verge of pissing my pants. There was about 6 people in front of us when I felt my bladder teetering right on the edge, the hot pee ready to surge out. I didn't dare move or unclench my thighs. I could feel my arms and legs getting shaky and my breathing got really fast and frantic . Claire was wearing some stupidly high heels and all of a sudden lost her balance and fell into me. Instintively, I brought both hands up to catch her but her falling into me was enough to make me lose balance... and spread apart my legs to not fall! SInce I unclenched, my pee surged out and I started completely wetting my pants, hot pee HISSING out the crotch area. My bladder was emptying itself into my pants! I didn't even think about it but I spread my legs wide and went into a squat position so my yellow piss wouldn't get onto my expensive shoes. I knew I couldn't stop the flow so I bent over even more, so the pee was splashing off my butt area & onto the sidewalk, making a huge puddle... there was just SO MUCH PEE and it looked like a steady stream straight through my pants. I covered my mouth & face in shame but it was too late! When my friends saw I was soiling my pants, they jumped away from me, knocking into other ppl in line & causing them to look over at what's causing a commotion. What they saw was a girl in heels pissing her skintight pants squatting over!

"holy shit, that chick is pissing herself"
"oh my god, she's peeing her pants!"

I could see cameras out, taking pics & video of me losing all bladder control in front of at least 50 people behind us, cars driving by...
I was so humiliated and embaressed, I didn't know what to do... I wanted to cry. I didn't want to take my hand away from my face bacause people had their phones out. Shit, I hope they don't upload this online anywhere.. but it's 2018, of course they're going to. FUck, now everyones gonna see me wet myself. I turned away from everyone & faced my friends " OMG I can't believe I peed myself, What should I do??" I looked down and the puddle was HUGE... and flowing down the sidewalk!! Everyone started moving away from the river of my pee, shifting the whole line up. I looked down at my pants and the damage wasn't too bad in the front, barely anything... the HUGE wet spot was at my bum! So if I keep my legs closed, and purse in front, you can't even see! "do you think my pants will dry before we get in??"