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It's Black Friday today, also known as the busiest shopping day of the year in the USA, which means amazing sales and deals throughout all the malls. I've been looking forward to this day for a long time and so have my college girlfriends, plus we can get all our Christmas shopping done in one shot and still have money left over for some new clothes! The dorm was busy as all the girls were trying to get ready to leave for the mall first thing in the morning. I had made a huge pot of coffee for the three of us carpooling that morning, Sara, Candi & I. I was so sleepy that I had to drink two large cups of coffee and started to get ready. I chose a cute yellow fitted t-shirt, a short sleeved terry hoodie in white and then my favorite pair of tight blue Wrangler jeans that are a "skinny" jeans fit, meaning they tapered at the ankles that are in style now & make me feel really sexy. Candi also wore her skinny jeans in grey and Sara wore white athletic pants. I put on my black boots & tucked the jeans into them. I wanted to use the washroom for one last pee but our other roomate Nina was taking a shower and locked the door. Screw it, I don't want to be late for the sales so Candi, Sara & I grabbed our purses and rushed out the door. I could already feel that my bladder was quite full from the coffee but the mall isn't terribly far, maybe 20 minutes to get there? I called shotgun and sat in the front while Candi drove. I drank some of Candi's bottled water since you're supposed to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to keep healthy right? On the drive we talked about what we were going to buy our families for Christmas and what we wanted to buy for ourselves too. My jeans were so tight that it was hard to sit upright so I have to sit kind of leaning back, plus my bladder was filling up fast during the drive, I wish Candi would drive faster but she drives like a cautious old granny. Closer to the mall I look over and notice Candi rubbing her stomach and looking worried. "Are you feeling ok?" I ask. "Not really, my stomach hurts and it's making weird grumbling noises" she replied as she kept rubbing & driving. "Oh my god, it feels like I have to poop soon, you know when your lower tummy feels achy?" All of a sudden Candi lets out a huge fart and looks horrified. PeeYew! It quickly stunk up the whole car and I had to roll down my windows; it definately wasn't a normal fart, it smelled very ripe and like bad poop. "HAHA, did you just shit your jeans Candi?" I said. Candi did not look happy at all & her worried look slowly turned to horror, " Shit, I think I really need to poo right now! My stomach really really hurts now." " Ok, we're almost there, just pull into the upper parking lot, there's usually more spaces there." But I was dead wrong, the parking lot was PACKED full of early morning shoppa-holics wanting to get a deal. We coudn't see any available parking spaces nearby, or at all. My bladder was very full at this point and my leather belt was pushing into my bladder making the depseration even worse. i gave my bladder a quick nudge and it was VERY full. I cupped it with my hand and crossed my legs, hoping that my friends weren't noticing my dilemma & concern. We circled the parking lot for about 10 minutes trying to find a spot but we eventually had to go to the far parking lot and found one space open and it was NOT close to the mall, we'd have to walk the distance of both parking lots before getting into the mall doors. As Candi pulled into the space she was starting to sweat and breath heavily in short quick beaths with a very worried look on her face. "Are you going to make it?" " I better make it, I really need to shit, my stomach has never hurt this much before. I bet it's your horrible Sloppy Joes that youcooked last night!" she joked. " NO way! I don't need to shit, but I do kind of have to pee" I admitted while still cupping my poor bladder.

As I got out of the car the need to pee got worse when I stood up, a LOT WORSE as I had to quickly press my thighs together (just in case). As we were walking towards the mall entrance Candi suddenly stopped in her tracks and placed her hand on her butt "Oh no, please don't let me shit my jeans right here! I've got to keep it in..." "Oh dear, do you have diarrhea or just a regular poop?" I inquired. Candi had her eyes squinted shut and biting her lower lip " I have diarrhea... some almost came out in my panties just now and it feels like my bowels are doing cartwheels in my tummy. I think I have to fart too but I can't tell if it's just a fart or if it's more than that." I knew the feeling well as I've had diarrhea attacks before, always at the worst times like at work or in public, which is horrible since everyone else in the public bathroom can hear your runny poop splashing out of you. " It's ok, just keep holding on Candi! If it makes you feel any better I really have to fucking pee. I almost pissed my tight jeans getting out of the car" I held her right arm as I comforted her, but I had to cross my denim clad legs tightly breathe deeply and slowly to try and calm my bladder. I pulled Candi forward to get her walking again, "you'll make it, the bathrooms aren't too far in the mall..." I really didn't know, but I just said that to make her feel better. Candi straigtened up and walked slow baby steps towards the doors; I felt better since small baby steps was all I could manage as well, I didn't want ot jiggle my bladder too much since it felt like my piss was right on the edge of escaping into my panties. I grabbed my belt and pulled my skintight jeans up tightly around my crotch, hoping that the extra pressure there would stop any pee from leaking out, and also so my belt wasn't pushing into my overfull bladder. We finally reached the doors and Candi was looking very pained but we went inside. Nina trailed along watching us in amusement and yapping about shopping still. The mall map was right inside the doors so we crowded around it to try and find the bathrooms, I had to keep my legs tightly crossed while we looked depserately. "There it is!" Nina pointed at the universal man/woman bathroom signs, "it's right by the food court upstairs." We all groaned since it was all the way down the length of the mall and then up the escalators and my poor bladder was going to burst! We must have looked like quite a site, I've got my skintight 80's jeans pulled up tight which I'm sure gave me a cameltoe and Candi was walking beside me with one hand rubbing her tummy and another hand holding the back of her jeans waitband while hobbling half bent over. We were both taking small light steps as not to jiggle our bladder and bowels too much. Halfway down the mall a spurt of hot piss squirted out before I knew what happened and I gasped while stopping dead in my tracks and pulling my waist band up tight to stop the flow. I could feel the spurt wet my white cotton panties at the crotch. "oh shit, help help, I just pissed a bit. I'm serious, I almost totally peed my jeans just now." I looked around and a few girls walking by noticed me and giggled. "Is there a wet spot on my crotch?" Candi looked down and her mouth formed an "O". "yeah, it's not too bad though, just keep your legs tight together and you can't notice it." I was nervous about continueing to walk further since I didn't want any more piss to come out but I realised we weren't getting to the bathrooms any faster by standing there. Every step I took forward made my bladder jiggle, it took a lot of concentration and clenching my muscles to not let any more pee out. At that point I had one hand cupping my bladder and the other hand was holding my purse in front of me so people wouldn't notice my wet crotch on my light blue skintight jeans. We made it to the escalators and Candi stood in front of me. I noticed her tight jeans were pulled up all the way, kind of going up between her ass cheeks and giving her a very visible panty line. I also noticed that she was clenching and unclenching her ass cheeks very rapidly, I guess she was doing all she could to hold in her liquid diarrhea not to mess her pants. The mall was packed and people were moving quickly passed us. As I stepped off the escalator another spurt of piss came out, I was so unprepared for it that I stumbled on the last step as I reached down to grab my crotc to stop it. This spurt was a lot larger since I was slow to stop it and I could feel the hot liquid soaking through my jeans crotch, making a wet spot a couple of inches around. Candi was in front of me yelling at me to hurry up; she was standing straight up with one hand hovering over her butt. " Fuck, slow down! I almost lost it right here!" as I rushed over to join her. As we were trying our best to get to the toilets Candi confided " I almost shit my jeans on the escalator. My bowels are convulsing and it really hurts. I can feel the liquid poop right at the opening, like right now!!! I can't shit my jeans here, I'll die!" I could feel more piss leaking out into my panties and jeans but I kept walking in tight steps and pulled up jeans seams up tightly as I could. The faint aroma of pent up piss wafted up to my nostrils & I groaned. We stumbled through the doors of the Ladies bathroom & to our shock and horror there was a small line up of about 6 people for 3 stalls. Candi stopped dead again and I heard a small squeeker of a fart escape from her. She immediately pressed her hand to her butt with a pained look on her face, "Oh shit, I think a little bit just came out in my panties, it feels wet between my butt cheeks!!" I could smell a faint trace of what seemed to be nasty diarrhea fart or maybe Candi really did shit herself I little bit, how embaressing! At least I don't have bad diarrhea now, I'd be so upset I'd cry.

"Go ahead of me, you have to go worse than me!" I said. By that time it was only 4 people left, but there was a mother with a young girl and two seniors ahead of us and they usually take a longer time than say, Candi, who's shit would no doubtedly explode & stream loundly into the toilet water the second her ass cheeks touched the toilet seat. At this point I was unashamedly grabbing my waistband both front and back and pulling them up to reveal my piss soaked cameltoe crotch while crossing my legs right over tightly while bending slightly forward, I didn't care anymore, it was just ladies in the bathroom & I'd rather look stupid now and walk out with dry jeans than loose control and half to walk out with soaking wet jeans. The aniticipation of the toilets so close was making my bladder convulse, constrict and relax all at once. I'm sure a lot of it is mental, knowing that very soon I could relax all my muscles and let it all out with a big sigh. The next girl to go into a stall was our age and apparently extremely desperate as well; she was wearing tight white jeans & I could see her panty line through it. She was very fidgetty and kept hopping from one foot to another while keeping one hand in front of her crotch. Finally an old lady hobbled out of a stall slowly, fumbling with her packages & purse. The girl our age in white jeans gasped and dove forward into the stall, slamming the door behind her. I could see her purse & bags fall to the floor under the doorway and within seconds I could hear her pee gushing loudly into the toilet, making quite a splash! She was sighing loudly and almost panting with relief as it hissed out of her; she must've been holding it for a long time too! The noise of her pee hitting the toilet must have relaxed my mind and bladder, all of a sudden my breathing quickened and I felt dizzy, my bladder was squeezing itself and my hot pent up pee started streaming out!! My denim jeans were pulled up so tightly to my crotch that the powerful stream of piss gushed right through my thin panties and straight through the seams & crotch of my jeans instead of running down my legs. I looked down & could see the stream coming out from the crotch and then soaking around the denim quickly. I gasped loudly, my heart beating a mile a minute and closed my eyes in shame as the yellow liquid streamed down my legs, soaking all the way down my skintight jeans and filling my high heel boots, I couldn't stop it, it just kept coming and coming out like a waterfall, my bladder just squeezing it all out." No No No, it's coming out!! I can't stop it!" It felt like I stood there for a full minute soaking my jeans fully & when I opened my eyes I saw three women coming out of the stall simutaneously and looking at me in shock while I stood there in my pissed in jeans and a puddle of urine at my feet. Candi pushed past me as soon as she saw the empty stall, struggling to pull down her skin tight jeans as she stood in front of the toilet with one hand & the other hand was still holding her butt cheeks together. She couldn't even close & lock the bathroom door before she wiggled her denim down far enough to start sitting on the toilet. I swear, the second her ass hit the toilets I could hear her liquid poop streaming out with wet farts and hitting the toilet water below. Candi gasped and clutched her stomach but the look of relief on her face was priceless. She sat there releasing wet diarrhea mixed with loud wet farts "ppplllbbt!! splash, plop plop" for what seemed like eternity. I looked over at the counter mirrors and saw that my nice light blue Wranglers were now dark blue from the hips down, both front and back, they were totally soaking wet & smelly! Candi exclaimed as she was wiping her rear end "fuck! there is some shit on my panties, some of it did come out!" There was a big smear of liquid poo in her nice white cotton panties and she tried her best to use toilet paper to wipe it up, but it just made it smear more & made the stain bigger. Candi pulled her dirty panties on and wiggled her hips to pull up her skin tight skinny jeans again. There was no evidence of her desperation unlike my predicatment. "Oh wow, I almost didn't make it there & shit my pants in front of the whole mall!! It was starting to slide out right before we got to the toilets but I stopped by clenching my cheeks together with all my might!" Candi explained. "At least you don't have to walk the mall with soaking wet jeans!! Hearing all the other girls peeing made me lost control and concentration and I couldn't stop it!" I started sobbing because this is so humilating! Despite my best efforts to keep my jeans dry, I lost and wet myself like a little girl. I could've avoided all this hassle and embaressment by just pulling down my jeans in the parking lot and peeing behind a car!

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