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Hello. My name is "Nina" & I have a secret fetish I haven't told anyone about... I enjoy filling up my bladder until I'm ready to explode and then wait until the very last precious second before I rush to the toilets to let it all out. It's something I developed in middle school; I hated using the dirty public toilets & they were always surrounded by the "bad" girls skipping class & smoking in there. So I started to avoid them & try to make it home before I could pee in the toilet. I didn't live far but there were some instances where I would dribble some into my panties as I was walking home... so close yet so far...

Anyways, I developed a liking for what it felt like, having a over full bladder and teetering on the edge of losing it. It was almost exciting to know that I was in danger of having a humiliating accident but still in control, the anticipation of the toilet and the relief it would bring the moment I whipped down my pants and barely have time to even sit down before it started flowing out, gushing & hissing loudly into the toilet as I sighed in relief. I liked hearing it splashing loudly into the toilet too.

My favorite things to wear during a "session" is ALWAYS the tightest jeans possible, preferably the non stretch type that make it extra tight on my thighs and hips, LOVE IT! But due to the popular trends of today... ALMOST ALL jeans are the LOW RISE, stretchy material, like 98% denim & 2% spandex mixed in. You just cannot even find any of the older style: the high rise, small waist 100% cotton with tapered legs. What I would do to find that one perfect pair in a light blue or acid wash. The lighter colors because they show off the wet spot so well! I always like to wear a pair of cotton "granny" panties underneath, never the Gstring stuff. The cotton panties soak the pee so well & makes a nice yellow spot to inspect afterwards. Other good choices are: tight long leggings, really really tight stretch pants with a strong crotch seam so I can pull them up tightly as I'm holding it. For tops I always like a simple tshirt or long sleeve top. For shoes I like either high heels or boots that come up to my knees almost.

As i got older I would start spurting a little bit into my jeans as I was playing my "holding" games, just a tiny bit to make a small 1-2 inch spot on my crotch. That was so exciting. I really wanted to just piss myself completely but I was still living at home & my mother was a stay at home mom at that point; plus she did ALL the laundry. I'd fantasize about being able to have a total wetting one day & what it would feel like. Not that I haven't had tiny accidents in real life at school, but that's a whole different story/recounts. Let's stick to the subject here! haha. I'd mostly fantasize about public accidents where there'd be witnesses, like stuck on an airplane or not having enough for the pay toilets at a train stop, stuff like that. In my mid teenage years my parents moves & I had the ENTIRE basement suite to myself!!! With the washer/dryer right outside my door so I could do my OWN laundry. That opened up a lot of great opportunites... for wetting! It was still hard because I had my own place, pretty much, friends were always over and hanging out, like Erics basement in "That 70's Show" So i had to make sure the times were right. Back then I had a couple pairs of the high waist non stretch jeans. I'd down a ton of water and think about goofy desperation scenarios, like I'm at a club lineup or stuck in the car. The best is pulling up your pants so tight that you get a cameltoe!! The best feeling is always the best spurt, in my opinion. I always liked to spurt a bit, then clench & hold it, enjoying the wet spot and the increasing desperation. I also liked talking during the desperation, saying stuff like "oh shit, I'm gonna piss my pants" "oh no, please help me to the bathroom" " I leaked, oh fuck, my bladder is going to burst" Because of that I always had to have the music full blast if my parents came down & knocked on my door.

At the age of 20 I had my first "public" accident. Even though no one knew.. I think!! hahaha. I planned it & wore black tight leggings with a t-shirt and a longish track jacket over it, so the jacket came down to JUST under my crotch but barely covering. I drove downtown & started window shopping; I had a big water bottle with me, guzzling water. I could feel my bladder filling FAST & was so excited at the anticipation... I really wanted to have an "accident" on a public street but I was too chicken to. I passed numberous coffee shops & retail department stores that had bathrooms but I ignored them on purpose as my bladder filled up to the max. I'd try walking "normal" but I don't know how well that looked. When I was near the bursting point, i was still too chicken to pee my pants outside so I started heading back to the underground parking garage where I left my car. My heart was RACING, not only from the anticipation but from the effort of holding my pee & from the pressure in my bladder. I took the stairway and as soon as I was not in view of the street level, I relaxed my muscles and my pee just POURED out; it just felt soooo good cuz I was holding it so long. I felt the hot liquid streaming down inside my leggings and splashing out at the bottom, into my running shoes and onto the cement. I must've peed about 1/2 of it, which looked like a LOT on the cement. Remember, this was my FIRST ever remotely public wetting, not counting real accidents I had in elementary school, so I was thrilled by the adrenaline of pissing myself but I quickly walked away & got into the car. You couldn't really see the wetness on the black material though. I left some in my bladder so that I could keep drinking water on the way home so I'd be very desperate & continue wetting when I got back to the safety of my house.

Another time I wore a pair of black VERY tight dress pants and of course panties( this was a purpose planned wetting). They were a thick shiny material & when I pulled them up I got a cameltoe, even though it was hard to see since the material was black. I was walking through a big public park, which was fairly empty since it was a chilly day out, even though it was a weekend. I had to stop several times to cross my legs and breathe. I wanted to make it as far as I could & if I could make it back to my car then I'd allow myself the privacy of pissing my pants with the car blocking me. Well, needless to say that didn't happen! I could feel it right on the edge and desperately I sat down at some benches. I had to lean back alot to allieviate the pressure on my bladder if I leaned forward. All of a sudden it started pouring out, straight onto the cement below! I moves my feet apart since I didn't want to get my shoes soaked but some of it still splashed on them. I was so absorbed in my out of control wetting & relief that I didn't see an old man walking past on the pathway!! I was so mortified and by the time I noticed him & it registered in my mind, I was in mid stream!!! I clenched HARD and crossed my legs tightly but some spurts were still leaking down my bum. I tried to look as normal as I could, for someone who just wet herself in public. I don't think he noticed it though since he didn't really look my way (thank goodness). Afterwards, after it was almost all dried, I stopped by a friends house and I don't think she noticed the slight urine smell... that was very crazy & bold of me to do such a thing. Maybe it's the thrill of getting found out.

There were other times when I'd be driving home and I would get into the car with an already bursting bladder and have a planned "wetting" in the car on the way back. it wasn't that scary that way since I know I'd be at home once I got out of the car, hehe. I'd be prepared earlier in the day & have either towels or plastic bags, or both, to lay down on the drivers seat under my bum so the seat won't get pissy wet. It would be hard for me to start the peeing from a sit down position, so at the red lights, I would lift my bum slightly and let some out. I'd always like to make a small wet spot right on the crotch first because I like how that felt the best. Just the "hint" of an accident and the anticipation of more leaking out later on... but I'd try to hold it the best I could, heehee. To talk about these stories in more detail:

One time after I had wet quite a bit in my dark jeans, my bum was all wet and I had soaked through a towel I had underneath me. My bladder was still full and I knew there wasn't a chance that I would actually make it home without completely pissing myself (which I actually didn't want to do in the car, I didn't want to walk in with TOTALLY wet pants) so I realised that I had to stop at the 7-11 on the way to use the toilets. I was so scared that the workers would notice my wet spot in the back but I didn't feel like I had a choice. I was REALLY desperate... so I walked in, grabbed the key and beelined straight to the toilets at the back. I don't know if they noticed at all & if they did I hope they felt bad for me "wetting" myself instead of giggling about it. LOL


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