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by Amy (see her poop desperation scenes at clips4sale , search "amy)
This is a pure fantasy story that I enjoy fantasizing about & maybe one day I'll work up the nerve to do it. It starts off at a nightclub where I'm out with some girlfriends and I'm wearing super duper skintight light colored jean that are high waisted like the 80's styles & a bodysuit top (like a one piece swimsuit) that show a visible panty line & high heels. Perhaps we were out earlier for some horderves at a lounge & I drank a couple of large iced teas before we head out to go to the club. Of course by the time we park & walk over to the doors my bladder is very full but it's still managable as I know that as soon as the bouncer check our ID's we can go in and I can get to the bathrooms quick! The lineup doesn't seem too bad but the pressue is surely building in my bladder & I start moving my weight back & forth between the legs. Uh oh... there's some pressure in the back & a loud fart escapes but I quickly press my legs together so I don't leak out any pee. There's more fart pressure right after that & all of a sudden my tummy is rumbling and gurgling. I guess those appetizers didnt' sit right & I can feel the cramps start... so I know... I'm gonna have a huge liquid diarrhea poop very very soon! I try to act calm but I start perspiring as my bladder fills even more & I can feel my poop liquifying inside me... the tightness of my clothing & denim isn't helping to contain it but wanting to push it out instead. I feel pressure right at my butthole but I'm scared to fart as it could be liquid shit! I give my ID to the bouncer & start walking up the stairs to get into the club but the jiggling of the bladder is just making my need to pee worse & I could feel the hot piss at the very edge ready to gush out, so I grab my waistband and hike up my tight jeans so that they seams can put pressure on it to stop any pee from coming out... they're hiked up so far that it's going up my buttcrack and I can feel the material on my butthole. I wasn't paying attention and bumped right into my friend, making me stumble in my high heels and also lose concentration of my bladder muscle. Crap... I little spurt of piss came out so i quickly press my hand to my crotch real quick. I can feel the denim get damp so I keep stumbling up the stairs without taking super big steps to try and contain it all, but I felt so full down there! Finally I make it to the top into the club but it's so packed that I have to jostle my way to try and get to the bathrooms & it's hard to walk in my high heels. I feel the liquid poo also right at the edge and if I relaxed myself I'm sure it would just stream out... It was so crowded that I just full on held my bladder with my hands and pressed another hand against my butt very hard while my eyes dart around in concern. All of a sudden some drunk douchy looking dude stumbles up to me & grabs my arms to dance with him, making me almost trip in my heels & also making me lose concentration of my intense clenching. a bigger spurt of piss jets out through my jeans and I can feel it dribbling down towards my knees. I pull away from him with force & turn away & start walking quickly away from him so he won't follow but it's already too late...I reach down & feel a wet streak along the inside seams on my jeans already. Crap... I'm still constantly flexing my butt muscles to not relax them & shit my jeans, I'm not sure if sitting down would help or not. Probably not since i wouldn't be able to clench my muscles properly at that point. I finally make it to the bathrooms but there was a lineup of about 8 people, which really isn't so bad considering I know they have a lot of stalls inside. I took my place in line right outside the doors... my legs are already feeling shaky from my upset stomach & trying to hold it all inside, "Linda... if I shit my jeans right here I'm going to die... we're gonna hace to leave the club for real" Linda's been watching my predicatment this whole time & thought it was hilariuos so far. The pressure on my butthole was almost too much at this point & it felt very damp down there but I didn't know if I was leaking liquid poo or if it was just sweat so far. It felt like I needed to fart but I really couldn't trust if it was just gas or liquid, but I needed to get some of that pressure off so bad so I thought about letting a squeeker out... so I relaxed for half a second and ... it was just gas!! I felt the brown stuff following quickly behind so I instintively pressed my hand on my butt cheeks to stop!! WHEW... what a chance I just took. Linda saw it & asked if I just shat myself, lol.

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